Risk assessments of all aspects of operation in-line with the Department of Labour COVID-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Workplaces if more than 10 people are employed. Leopardsong’s Covid-19 Officer & Team will develop, maintain and implement:

• Standard hygiene and sanitising procedures (including schedules / logbooks) per area/ facility/ vehicle category etc.
• Special area cleaning procedures – as required
• Capacity limits and controls
• Physical distancing plans
• Guest/visitor/passenger/client procedures
• Staff procedures
• PPE standards for staff
• PPE standards for guests/ visitors/passengers/clients
• Procedures for staff with symptoms, and /or suspected COVID-19
• Procedures for guests/clients/visitors/passengers with symptoms, and /or suspected COVID-19
• Monitoring the implementation of the protocols and the effectiveness of the measures undertaken
• Monitoring overall compliance, identifying, and correcting gaps, and adapting the plan to practical experience
• Monitoring compliance with correct PPE usage – observing, CCTV, spot checks etc.
• Maintain staff and guest/client/visitor/passenger health records
• Maintain and check logs of cleaning activities
• Maintain and manage stock and use of PPE
• Independent Third-Party decontamination cleans – as required
• Monitoring compliance with the Department of Labour COVID-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Workplaces

Please note that:

• All guests must complete a Medical and Travel declaration which is POPI compliant before or upon arrival.
• All guests temperature must be measured and recorded upon arrival and thereafter once a day.
• Briefing of guests on our COVID-19 protocol.
• Regular staff training on COVID-19 protocol.
• Protocol displayed in reception, public areas and rooms.
• Guests and Staff must wear masks at all times except when eating or when they are in their rooms.
• Guests and Staff must sanitise their hands upon arrival and thereafter on a regular basis.
• Hand Sanitiser will be available at reception, public areas and in rooms.
• Take Away meals will be offered.
• Room cleaning frequency and linen changes should be reduced.
• Rooms should be sanitised regularly.
• Public areas will be sanitised every 15 minutes or after it has been used.
• Mini bar stock should be removed.
• Staff will follow a separate protocol with very specific guidelines on personal sanitisation and use of PPE.
• For full detail on the protocol above please refer to the TBCSA Covid-19 2020 Protocol available in full at

Actions you can take to protect yourself from contracting the disease include:

• Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water
• Travel with sufficient quantities of wet wipes and hand sanitiser (70%+ alcohol content), subject to airline
• Avoid touching your face unless you have thoroughly washed your hands
• Maintain a 1.5 m distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing or generally displays
signs of a cold
• If you feel unwell, have a fever, are coughing or have difficulty in breathing, keep your distance from
others and seek medical attention immediately
• While travelling consume foods that are cooked thoroughly
• Wear your mask.
If you have any ideas or proposals for improvement please communicate to
Should you wish to read more about COVID-19, please visit the WHO website or
phone the Covid-19 Hotline – 08000 29999

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